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LAVIVANT Korean Burdock tea

50 tea bags / 1 g

Burdock tea rids your organism of harmful substances, purifies your body, improves blood circulation, and soothes skin problems.

24,27 €
incl. VAT

LAVIVANT Korean Burdock tea - 50 tea bags / 1 g

LAVIVANT Korean ginseng tea

100 tea bags / 3 g

This instant Korean ginseng tea gives your body the energy it so greatly needs. Unlike coffee and other stimulants it has no side effects. It is not addictive.

26,25 €
incl. VAT

LAVIVANT Korean ginseng tea - 100 tea bags / 3 g


100% fermentation, 12 capsules

12-day cure. These capsules contain a powder extruded from a fermented extract of six-year-old Korean red ginseng. Extra high saponin content: 120 mg/g.

23,99 €
incl. VAT

LAVIVANT ROYAL GOLD capsules - 100% fermentation, 12 capsules

LAVIVANT fermented Korean Ginseng

100% pure extract, 30 g

Fermentation improves the absorption of active ingredients. We thus recommend this extract for seniors and persons with digestion problems.
Discover the proven benefits of ginseng.

33,40 €
incl. VAT

LAVIVANT fermented Korean Red Ginseng - 100% pure extract, 30 g

LAVIVANT Korean Ginseng

100% pure extract, 30 g

An extract produced by cooking six-year red Korean ginseng with absolutely no additives. Thanks to its extra-high active-ingredient content, it provides energy, strengthens immunity, and enhances brain activity. Discover its other provable benefits.

30,40 €
incl. VAT

LAVIVANT Korean Red Ginseng - 100% pure extract, 30 g
certifikát kvality KOREA INSAM

Our products have gained the KOREA INSAM certification! The Korean Ministry of Agriculture issues this exclusive certification to distinguish real Korean ginseng products from other ginseng products and imitations. There are only a few manufacturers in all of South Korea who meet the strict criteria for this certificate.

We thus are very glad to have earned the right to use this mark on LAVIVANT products.

Forget about fatigue, flu, and cholesterol, and see for yourself that it pays to be healthy. Especially with LAVIVANT extracts:

  • A one-month cure with Korean red ginseng costs 30,40 €. So your health investment is just 1 € a day.
  • A one-month cure with fermented Korean red ginseng costs 33,40 €. So your health investment is just 1.2 € a day.

No matter which you pick, you can be sure that your investment is risk-free. Discover ginseng’s provable health benefits.


Each package contains a one-month ginseng cure. Dissolve a teaspoon of extract in a glass of water each morning and drink it on an empty stomach. The maximum daily dose is 1g of extract.


We do not recommend use by children or by pregnant or nursing women. Persons with high blood pressure should consult with their doctor before commencing use.


Store the extract in a cool, dry place and keep it out of direct sunlight.

8 Reasons to Use LAVIVANT Korean Ginseng

  • 100% natural extract with absolutely no additives
  • Extra-high saponin content: 80 mg/g (34 types)
  • Provable health benefits
  • a month’s treatment for as low as 30,40 €
  • guaranteed origin
  • quality certificates
  • 5 patents
  • Exclusively positive reviews
Read more information about ginseng.

LAVIVANT Is For Everyone


It doesn’t matter whether the problem is sleepy mornings or trouble with air conditioning. Using ginseng will top up your lacking energy and immunity, while keeping you stress-resistant.


Athletes fear few things more than colds and fatigue. But thanks to LAVIVANT extract, you can boost your immunity and become more resistant to viral diseases. Your increased energy during training will translate into star performances.


Fatigue, stress, and fragile health can put the brakes on your career. But Korean ginseng can get you going again. Use 1g of LAVIVANT extract every day. If you’re already the boss, then make LAVIVANT a bonus for your employees and enjoy a healthy business.

Senior citizens
senior citizens

Seniors will appreciate fermented ginseng: it’s more effective, while still gentle on your digestion. A one-month cure costs 33,40 €, and so it’s a health investment of just 1.2 € a day. Ginseng is also proven to improve blood circulation and brain activity: you can be sure you’re investing wisely.

Children and youth
Children and youth

Studying for tests or exit exams is stressful, and students are often exhausted and full of self-doubt, with a feeling that their heads are out of room to learn. But LAVIVANT ginseng helps with all of this. It provably reduces fatigue, enhances concentration, and improves mental health.

Patents & Certificates

Ginseng Processing Patents

We own five patents related to red ginseng:

  • composition containing extract of ginseng of which bitterness is masked
  • microorganisms for fermenting red ginseng; food composition containing fermented red ginseng
  • method for producing processed ginseng or processed ginseng extract
  • method for preparing extract of ginseng using ultra high pressure
  • method for preparing enzyme-treated fermented red ginseng, enzyme-treated red ginseng extract


We’ve earned three quality certificates::

  • KOREA INSAM (the guarantee of high ginseng quality from the Korean Ministry of Agriculture)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management system certification)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management system certification)
5 patents and 3 certificates

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Satisfied customers
I tried the fermented ginseng in the black box, and I can warmly recommend it to everyone. It stopped my hair loss, and I now have a lot more energy.
Eva, Czech Republic
Thanks to ginseng, I’m free of cold sores.
Jana, Czech Republic
I used to have migraines, but that’s in the past. My headaches have stopped, and my digestion is back on track too. And I’ve cut down on coffee—I have so much energy each day that I don’t need it.
David, Czech Republic
I use it in the morning, and I still have a young man’s appetite at night. So my wife praises LAVIVANT ginseng as well ;)
Tomas, Czech Republic