KGEC’s production facilities have completed the GMP, HALAL and ORGANIC certification process with a capacity to produce 12 tons on a monthly basis, the includes concentrates and powders.


Standards of facilities

Exterior of Facilities, design of facilities, lighting of facilities, water, steam, ice, air quality, Facility Design & Installation, Facility Maintenance & Calibration.

Food safety standards

employee / staff / visitor hygiene / health care & sanitation facilities, GMP process management & hygiene programs, pest management, product contamination management, waste management, storage, storage & shipment, packaging /labeling products/staff training/collecting products and tracking system

Quality system

Inspection of raw materials, inspecting product specifications, safety inspection, internal & third party audit, Appropriateness test in accordance to customer’s specification request, nonconforming material management, process control, document management & quality records, continuous guarantees(warranties) & managing customer complaints

Plant security

Exterior and Interior of the building, incoming products & suppliers, access control, personnel (employees)


Our certificates